We paint residential and commercial structures, both existing and new, with a high level of detail using quality materials.

We use these quality materials and more:

  • Porter Paints / PPG Products
  • Benjamin Moore Products
  • Sherwin-Williams Products
  • Sikkens Stain Products
  • Color Wheel Products
  • ICI – Dulux Products
  • Home Depot Paints And Products


 Farina & Sons, Inc. Custom Builders & Remodelers, Photos @Everett&Soule

  1. We move and then replace your large furniture.
  2. We thoroughly mask and drop cloth your home.
  3. We patch the holes, caulk the cracks, and caulk the trim.
  4. We prime water stains and new or repaired areas.
  5. Finish coatings are applied to walls and ceilings using a lamb’s wool roller.
  6. All trim and doors are brushed by hand.
  7. Some doors are sprayed to give a softer finish.

  1. We trench the perimeter of the building in order to paint at the ground level.
  2. We drop cloth and mask all windows, walkways, plants and fixtures, along with the roof to protect them.
  3. We treat all surfaces with Mildewcide during the initial pressure cleaning.
  4. We scrape any loose and peeling paint and spot treat rust with an inhibitive primer.
  5. We caulk all cracks, holes and voids before priming and after priming.
  6. We prime all surfaces with “bonding primer.”
  7. We feel this is the most important step.
  8. We apply the finish coat by hand on wood surfaces such as facias, trim, doors, etc.
  9. We spray then back-roll all stucco, block, and siding to give an even, heavy coat that is pushed well into the exterior surface.